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Nami Solar

Nami Solar is a subsidiary of Nami Energy and was founded in 2019 by renowned Vietnamese experts and investors in the renewable energy sector. We act to address the long-term challenge of climate change. We are inspired by the opportunities to collaborate with our partners to maximize the huge social and business benefits that rooftop solar has to offer.

Our Vision

We aim to be a premier rooftop solar developer and a trusted independent power producer in Vietnam.

Our Mission

We advocate green and sustainable growth by providing well-designed rooftop solar solutions and delivering social and business benefits for our partners.

Our Solutions

  • We invest, install and operate solar systems for industrial and commercial establishments for their on-site consumption and selling to EVN.

  • Installation of solar panels will enable building owners to collect roof rental fees or share of revenue from power sales to EVN.

Our Business Plan

We have successfully commissioned a total capacity of 10MWp rooftop solar in the second half of 2020 and secured a pipeline of 50MWp for 2021. Our projected rooftop solar capacity is estimated to be at least 160MWp by end of 2022.

Delivering values for partners

Power your business while building a better future

Solar power is one way to power your business that benefits the environment. With only 1MWp rooftop solar power system, it reduces 1,000 tons of CO2 annually which is equivalent to planting 33,000 trees. By adopting rooftop solar, you help to protect the planet by reducing carbon footprints leading to the building of a more sustainable and prosperous community for you and your loved ones.

Increase Brand Value

We assist in building your brand to reflect your Green initiatives (i.e. promote your green image to your target stakeholders).

Create Financial Benefits

We create financial benefits for you in two ways:
1) Our solar products will allow you to save energy consumption costs
2) Your unused building rooftop can turn into an ongoing revenue stream

Ensure Business Continuity

Solar power is an inexhaustible and reliable source of energy that is not subject to price volatility. By having a large solar energy capacity, solar energy can mitigate power shortages that the country is currently facing and reduce the risk of business interruptions for its people.

Our Commitments

Social Responsibility

We have an impassioned commitment to social responsibility and environmental responsibility. Therefore, we are fully committed to support you in your own journey towards social and environmental responsibility.

Quality and Safety First

We use the best-in-class solar technologies and equipment and partner with top construction and installation companies and reputable international engineering firms to deliver projects up to the most stringent international industry standards for quality and safety.

Superior Service

We manage all the paperwork and necessary approval processes to save time and money for our partners. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services for the lifetime of the solar systems.

No Business Interruption

Our installation and O&M are managed and done in such a way to ensure zero interruption to our partner’s operations.

Solar Project Timeline

Week 1

Site Survey
Technical and Commercial Proposal

Week 2-4

Contract Negotiation & Signing

Week 5-12

Installation & Commissioning

Week 13

Operation & Mainteinance