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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

There can be no sustainable future without a well-preserved environment. There can be no sustainable business without a clear sense of corporate social responsibility.  

Climate change has become one of the top challenges of our times. Human on earth shares not only the same planet but the same fate. The Covid-19 pandemic is widely believed to be just a preview of what will happen next if we do not protect the environment. We should act together to leave a more secured future for our children and next generations.

At Nami Energy, we act to respond to the urgent need of addressing the climate change challenge. We believe in a low-carbon future and we are inspired by the benefits that renewable energy could bring for communities and businesses. We also believe that our business partners share the same inspiration and the urgent call to act together. Vietnam is endowed with abundant natural energy resources. With the fast decreasing investment cost, more investment in transmission lines, smarter grid and storage solutions, and especially strong political will, renewable energy can replace a significant amount of fossil fuel energy in providing energy security and powering Vietnam economic development.  

Nami Energy welcomes you to join us in our mission to build a better future, protect the environment, and maximize social and economic potential by going green.

Luu Hoang Ha

Founder and Chairman